Wit verloopstuk MS-0A13260

Wit verloopstuk MS-0A13260
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Reducer for the meat mincer accessory and grater/chopper accessory of the Masterchef Gourmet Kitchen Machine.

Important note: This reducer is a must when using the Kitchen Machine with the chopper/grater accessory and/or the meat mincer accessory.
If this reducer was not included on purchase or if it was not purchased at a later time (along with the meat mincer accessory and/or the chopper/grater accessory), it must be obtained in order to use these accessories.
 Designed for Kitchen Machine food processor:
- Masterchef Gourmet QA400, QA401, QA402, QA403, QA404, QA405, QA406, QA407, QA409, QA411, QA414, QA415, QA418, QA419, QB400, QB403, QB404, QB405

Artikelnummer : MS-0A13260

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