Pierre Gagnaire Cookware Heritage

Reach for the stars with culinary inspiration from 3 Michelin star chef Pierre Gagnaire and our Heritage pots and pans. An icon of French fine dining and world cuisine, Chef Gagnaire marries his mastery of French culinary heritage with Tefal expertise in developing this premium range of cookware.


Bring professional quality kit into your kitchen

Designed with & approved by the Chef

Developed with world renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire, Tefal Heritage pots pans and dishes combine traditional designs & modern lines.


Premium quality

Expertly crafted by Chef Pierre Gagnaire and Tefal, with top quality material to inspire you to cook the food ingredients of the season to perfection.


Excellence in every dish

Dare to brown butter, lavish on the cream, or master a lemon juice and olive oil emulsion. Restaurant quality tools for fIne dining in your home.


2 jaar internationale garantie

15 jaar repareerbaar

30 dagen gratis retour

1-2 werkdagen levertijd

My passion for cooking took...

... another turn the day I understood that cooking for others could tell stories and create emotions. For there is music in a pot; something is about to happen - it fizzes with life, brimming with great things! I'm delighted that together with Tefal we can help food lovers season their dishes with emotion.