Get the most out of your pots and pans

With a little maintenance, Tefal cookware is designed to last. And thanks to our expertise, we know how to care for your pots and pans. Not sure if you're using them correctly? No problem. Here you'll learn how to get the best out of your cookware on a daily basis.


How to use your Tefal pots & pans

Your pots and pans are the foundation of every homecooked meal. That's why proper use and and maintenance of your utentils will help you get the most out of them - and here we'll show you how to master your new Tefal cookware.


Learn the basics

Your first use

Wash the frying pan in hot water and washing-up liquid to remove any dust. Dry it and rub a little cooking oil into the non-stick coating before using for the first time. Remove any excess oil. Wash and dry your cookware after each use.


Some general guidelines to maintain your pots & pans

Always select the proper electric burner size or adjust the gas burner so the flame only touches the bottom of the pan and does not climb up the sides. Never leave pans unattended while cooking. Let pans cool before cleaning.


Is non-stick cookware oven or microwave proof?

Only frying pans, saucepans, saute pans from the Ingenio range thanks to their detachable handles (ensure that the detachable handle is removed) and also stainless steel & cast iron pots can go in the oven up to 250 degrees. However, pans or pots should never be used in a microwave or convection oven.


How to cook

How to use Thermo-Signal

Discover exactly how to maximize the benefits of our exclusive Thermo-Signal feature.

How to start cooking with our stainless steel cookware ?

Start cooking at the right time. Pour a few drops of water into the frypan. When they bead up, the temperature is ideal for starting cooking


How to clean cast iron ?

Discover how to easily clean your cast iron cookware.

What type of utensils should I use?

Depending on the range (check the packaging), most metal utensils can be used except knives, forks and whisks. However, care should be exercised when using any metal utensil. Avoid using sharp edged utensils and avoid cutting directly in the pan. Do not stab or gouge the non-stick surface.


Fully enjoy the Ingenio experience with additional accessories

Check out our range of Ingenio accessories as practical as our pots and pans

Ingenio glazen deksels (16/18/20 cm)

Ingenio glazen deksels (16/18/20 cm)

Ingenio kunststoffen deksels (16/18/20 cm)

Ingenio kunststoffen deksels (16/18/20 cm)

Antispatdeksel Ingenio Tefal L9939822

Antispatdeksel Ingenio Tefal L9939822

Eco tips


Did you know that our cookware is enginereed from endlessly recycable metal ? Recycling your cookware contributes to protecting the environnement

Eco-friendly cooking

Our non-stick coating allows for cooking with non added-oil, which cuts down on down the energy, water and CO2 needed toproduce butter or oil

Energy efficient cooking that saves water

Using measuring marks when cooking makes it easier to ensure you use the exact amount of water required, cutting down on the energy needed to heat up excess water and saving water overall

Faster cooking results

Dicing your food into smaller pieces delivers faster cooking results, cutting down on time and energy

Energy efficient cooking

Using a lid maintains heat to offer faster cooking and boiling, requiring up to 4 times less energy.

Cool-off period

Give your cookware time to cool off at room temperature prior to putting them into the refrigerator, to cut down on the energy needed to maintain cool temperatures inside the fridge

Reparability and warranty

Tefal is committed to being able to repair a product for up to 10 years throughout Europe. Because protecting the environment and the fight against waste are our major concerns. Your product is repairable by Tefal, during and after the guarantee period. Tefal guarantee covers domestic use only. It does not cover professional or commercial use. Check the warranty terms by downloading the document.

Is your product repairable?